Three Most Common Health Care Concerns for Seniors

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  • March 22, 2019

In old age, health always remains a matter of concern for seniors and their families as the former need a little extra care with their growing age to stay healthy. Like planning for your financial future, it is also important to stay alert for your healthy future. Seniors living on their own are particularly prone to becoming victims of not only various health conditions but also to online scams and other frauds.

Thus, it makes sense that you must be well aware of all the health concerns in seniors to provide them the best care which they need. Here, we have covered the three most common health care concerns in seniors that you must remain well aware of:

  • Chronic health concerns: According to the National Council on Aging, at least 92 percent of seniors have one chronic disease. Some of the most common chronic diseases are stroke, cancer, heart disease and many others. The best way to fight back is by maintaining a healthy diet, doing exercise regularly, and visiting the doctor regularly for health checkups.
  • Cognitive health concerns: Many older adults often lose their ability to remember things. Dementia is one of the most common cognitive health issues faced by the elderly. There is no proper cure for dementia, but the physicians often prescribe seniors some medications and a treatment plan to reduce the symptoms of this disease.
  • Physical Injury: Due to weak bones, older adults tend to slip and fall easily. This sometimes leads to serious physical injury. Of course, slips and falls are not inevitable so, a brief education, practical modification in home, and increase in physical activity can help to prevent them.

Old age can bring seniors a tougher health challenge to remain healthy and happy. Adopting healthy habits could help them avoid many difficulties that come with old age. You can also look for a reliable caregiver to help you maintain an active lifestyle. For the best home health care in NJ, look no further than Associated Home Quality Health Care. If you have any queries related to senior home care in NJ, get in touch with us today @ 1-888-381-2251.


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