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Seniors use more prescription than any other age group and depend on over-the-counter medications to stay healthy. But, these medications prove helpful only if their in-take is done correctly and at correct times. Missing any dose or taking excess of it can pose serious health issues or risks.

Generally, seniors face this issue and sometimes feel like the days of the week are running into each other, exacerbated by memory or cognitive issues. In some cases, the need may arise to admit seniors into hospitals resulting from taking medication inaccurately.

Medications management is vital for your senior health. Though proper administration of multiple medications during the day can be a very challenging, especially for the elderly, but can be managed with proper medication reminders. These reminders are the important service care management services can provide.

Associated Home Quality Health Care – A preferred home health care agency in NJ dedicated to seniors understand your loved one may experience medical conditions requiring acutely timed medications for encouragement of better moods, an improved sleep and promotion of healthy functions. Our professional caregivers even understand the hardship of managing multiple medications.

Our senior home care providers in NJ can’t physically administer medication, but we can assist you in other areas such as reminding them about their medications, when and what time should it be taken. We work with you to establish a complete plan involving not only medication reminders, but essential tools such as pill boxes and logs for documenting items. These logs help you determine about the dosage consumed and the specific time at which any medication was taken.

If you would like to learn more about our senior home health care services in NJ or want more information regarding medication reminders or assistance, then give us a call @ 973-352-7207 (Northern Jersey), 732-930-2167 (Central Jersey) or 609-303-3113 (Southern Jersey).


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