Need assistance with your errands? We got you covered!

Over years, it becomes difficult for seniors to handle the many routine tasks needed to be taken care of for living at home. For your senior loved ones running such routine errands can be become a major stumbling block for seniors wishing to live at home. This may be due to mobility issues, loss of driving skills, any medical issues or even due to diminished eyesight.

Associated Home Quality Health Care has proven to be one of the most helpful alternatives for many seniors providing exceptional home health care services at home in NJ. Our professional and trained caregivers can run needed errands for the senior and even accompany the senior on an errand outing.

Having a trusted care giving agency alike Associated Home Quality Health Care can provide consistent help with the many errands of living at home. Doing such chores can help seniors live safely and independently in their own homes without any stress of accomplishing such tasks.

Here are a few of the many common errands our caregivers handle for our seniors-

  • Picking up groceries and going shopping
  • Going to the Post Office or getting the car serviced, fueled and even cleaned
  • Picking up dry cleaning or prescriptions
  • Going to the hardware store for small home improvement projects

So, you can trust on us for providing your seniors the day-to-day errand as well as home care assistance they need to continually thrive in New Jersey.

It’s easy to get started with a free consultation with one of our care managers. Call @973-352-7207 (Northern Jersey), 732-930-2167 (Central Jersey) or 609-303-3113 (Southern Jersey) make us learn about your situation and make recommendations for the elder care services in NJ. We look forward to help you soon!


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