5 Tips for Communicating With Seniors with Dementia

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  • December 20, 2018

It is indescribably painful to see the declining health of an aging loved suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other type of dementia. The worst is when the disease progresses, we get to see their minor forgetfulness slowly morphing into serious impairment. They struggle not only in expressing their own thoughts but also with their ability to understand others, making conversations difficult for both sides. Sometimes, your attempts to talk may even make them angry or anxious. So, when usual methods do not work, you need to learn some new ways to get your message across.

Below is a list of five tips that can help you communicate with your loved one more effectively – no matter what stage of dementia they are in.

1. Communication is 90% non-verbal. A smile, gentle touch, and good eye contact can keep your senior loved one relaxed and more willing to listen.

2. As short term memory loss is one of the first symptoms of dementia, you may have to repeat one thing a number of times to make sure your senior understands it. Learn to keep calm so that you do not feel frustrated or angry as it will only make things worse.

3. Speak clearly in a calm tone. Even if they have severe dementia, they would like to be talked to respectfully.

4. Be a patient and active listener. If you do not understand what they are saying, gently ask them to repeat their words.

5. If you want to tell them something important, look for a familiar place and a time when your senior is doing well. Get rid of distractions which could make it hard for them to focus on what you are saying.

Sometimes, aging in place can be difficult for seniors with dementia as they may not get the required care and support at home. That is when moving them to a good dementia care facility becomes more of a need than a choice. Associated Home Quality Health Care is one of the senior care agencies that you can count on for finding the best Dementia Care Facilities in NJ. To know what makes us one of the most trusted Home Care Agencies in New Jersey, visit us today! You can also reach out to us @ 1-888-381-2251.


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